I'll be there for the Avalon Reunion!
September 15-17, 2017
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Friday 5:00-7:30 Meet & Greet @ ~ Hog Island Brewery/Jailhouse Tavern (outdoor gathering) ~ ($5.00) Snacks & non-alcoholic drinks - Beer/wine available at the Jailhouse Tavern)

Saturday 9:00-11:00 Coffee & Donuts at the Namequoit Sailing Assn. ~ ($5.00)
Sailors will head out at 10:00 with the high tide. Those not sailing can relax on the deck at NSA and visit.
We have run into an issue with boat availability and sailing may not be an option. We'll keep you posted.

Saturday 12:30-2:30: Lunch at the Namequoit Sailing Assn. ~ Saturday September 16 ($5.00-$12.50)
Box lunches will be delivered to NSA at 12:30. You are also welcome to bring your own lunch.

Dinner at the Cohen's at Avalon Point ~ Saturday September 17 ($23.00-$27.50)* CORRECTED

Farewell Coffee & Donuts ~ Sunday September 18 (No Charge)

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** Costs vary for those wanting Water/Soda or Beer/Wine for beverages or the type of box lunch ordered for Saturday.**

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