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A large group gathered for drinks and lots of reminiscing at the Squire on Friday night. Front to back with mostly maiden names:

Front: Ann Sherpick, Doug Kaplan, Michelle Tadros, Chris Davies. 2nd Row: Bly Beach, Cynthia Obadia, Susan Sprague, Ann Cluett, Kerry Pickett, Margie Cummings, Jennifer Adam. 3rd Row: Keith Laffey, Betty Montero, Elizabeth Young, Leigh Miller, Misse Coit, Kate Hubben, KJ Howarth (with daughter Mae), Betty, Kris Hermanns. 4th row: Kris Potter, Megan Crane, Holly Coombs, Liz Sterns, Kathy Mack,
Coco Cummings, Ellen Davis, Laff, Dean Jordan. Back group: Kris Potter, Liz Sterns, Holly Lemkau, ?, Tara Benoit, Deb Williams, Andy Coombs, Jan Crosbie